Yes, I am a boxer
But I’m a lover, not a fighter
Unless one tries to hurt loved ones
Then he’ll find I’m quite the biter!

I’m playful, but distinguished
My coat has tiny, shiny fur
Which I bet, you’ll ask to pet
When you see a pet boxer

And if someone says I’m silly
I’m sure that you’ll concur
When you meet, this joyful treat –
The super, fun, boxer!

2 thoughts on “Boxer

    1. knowthemthroughpoems Post author

      Thanks for the comment! I actually don’t own a boxer — I just love dogs and think they have a soul and love writing poetry — so for the purposes of this blog, the two mix well. As for this old guy, his photo was placed in the public domain and I decided he looked like a loving boxer & added him to the post. I grab most of my images from Wikimedia Commons or the Google Art Project. The original photo can be found here:, or apparently, also here:

      Thanks again!


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