I have the body of a man
And the head of a bull
What most people say
Is that I look really awful!

For when I was born
The king said:
“What an eyesore!
Get this half-bull out of here!
I don’t want to see him anymore!”

And so they locked me up inside
This large maze called “The Labyrinth”
It is the largest maze ever made
And no one can get out of it!

Inside, I’ve grown to be very mean
And all who see me cower
The king locks people in with me
For me to chop up and devour!

For beware this creature with large horns
If they push you in and lock that door!
For all who enter always run away
From this bullish creature with human prey!

So grab a weapon and say a prayer
If you get lost — I’m hiding there!
As I’ll let you know what you’re in for:
Lots of horror! And buckets of gore!

For in “The Labyrinth”, watch your back!
I’m the bullish beast who attacks with axe!
For I hope you’re skilled in the art of war
As no one escapes me — the Minotaur!

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