Saturday’s the day for Satyrs
Saturday’s the day that we dance!
With our little hooves
We make a little move
And shake our tails to the “Satyr Groove”!

As Satyrs love the music
Hooves and horns are part of our dance!
We’re always in the mood
To bust a good dance move
We half-goats put folks in a trance!

As the music grooves,
So too, a satyr moves
Shaking our tails to that beat of music!
For when the music plays,
Satyr bodies sway!
Our hooves groove to that sound of music!

As Saturday’s that night for Satyrs!
Saturday’s the night of our dance!
With our little horns
We party ‘til the morn’
If you don’t like fun –
You have been forewarned!

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