If there were a school for dinosaurs
I’d be the first to join the chorus!
For no dino could sing like me
The loud Charonosaurus!

If I decided to give a shout
I’m sure you would hear about it!
For above my snout and to the clouds
My horn-like crest is mounted!

And as a horn; if I made a shout
It would travel through this hollow
And when it reached the open air
A sonic boom might follow!

For this big horn atop my head
Well, it’s a dino marvel!
For when I use my booming voice
A whole mile it might travel!

And I must say I am quite proud
That we dinos are the loudest!
For no dino can sing like us
And no dino can out-shout us!

For in the age of roaring dinosaurs
No dino could out-roar us!
So go and sing to your friends about
The loud Charonosaurus!

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