Tyrannosaurus rex

I was the greatest predator
Before you puny humans
If there were a prize for best dinosaur
Of course, I’d be a shoo-in!

I grew longer than forty feet
But walked with head near ground
This was so my teeth could meet
Any food like you around!

Unlike you I had a tail
That I walked with in the air
And unlike you I never brushed
For I had scales instead of hair!

On each hand I had three fingers
And on each foot I had four toes
And, yes, I could smell anything
Because I had a really big nose!

So if you have a list of favorites
And want to know where I belong
May I bring to your attention —
That these teeth are a foot long!

So now I ask — who was the best?
Take just a moment to reflect
I’m sure you’ll find it’s I – the king!
Tyrannosaurus rex!

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